10 thoughts on “A Question About Your Camera

  1. I own a Nikon d7000 and d700 – I could certainly use training on either. ;o)

  2. Interesting to see Nikon coming out on top so far, I knew Nikon and Canon were the most popular makes but thought it would be closer. Keep voting!

  3. Nikon d5000; a gift from my husband who loves my shots from my point and shoot camera and thought this will assist in even more exciting shots. My problem, I know nothing about shutter and focus and auto seems to defeat the purpose of this camera 😉

  4. I think if you have good ideation of composition then a normal point n shoot Camera is good enough. But if you dont have a good vision to see the right angle then its not worth holding Canon 5D Mark II.

  5. Nikon D7000, my partner and I have captured amazing pictures from landscape, safari, night, sunsets, sunrise, etc, absolute amazing :)

  6. I own a Nikon D5100. Pretty good but I may shift over to Canon in the end ..

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