Photography Project: Photo 365


Having one or two photography projects on the go is a great way to motivate yourself to keep taking photos, plus it’s a great way to force yourself to think about the photos you are taking.

For 2015 I’ll be doing a year long project where I’ll be taking a photo each day. Most of the photos will be taken using my iPhone 6 and apps like snapseed to tweak the images. I’ll then be posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #photo365

I won’t be posting every photo on this site, but I’ll be doing a few updates throughout the year.

Why don’t you try a similar project and post the Instagram hashtag you are using here so we can all follow your work.

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A keen amateur photographer, Garry has been teaching people photography for over 5 years but is also always learning. Garry enjoys many types of photography but prefers Street Photography and Candid Event Photography All content is Copyright © 2017 Garry Finch. All Rights Reserved.

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