How I got the shot #3

How did I get the shot

Another landscape shot this time, but taken in a different way to the previous ‘How I got the shot‘.

Lake and Mountains

This shot was taken In Turkey while I was on holiday, and as you can probably guess, I was on a boat when I took it. This was taken in the morning when the water on the lake was very calm, but being in Turkey in the height of summer (August) means that the sun was very harsh and bright.

I saw this potential shot, which is actually very simple, not a lot of detail, but wonderful colours and a nice recession in the mountains in the background gradually fading out into the distance.

So what did I have to think about before I took this?

Well, first of all, I was moving on a boat, so I had to make sure the shutter speed was suitably fast to prevent any blur. Fortunately, being a very bright day this meant I could still use a fairly small aperture giving me the large depth of field needed for landscapes. I ended up using 1/640th of a second and f8. I could probably have got away with a smaller aperture but I kept things at what I think is a good compromise to make sure I got a totally sharp picture.

I was also using a super wide angle lense. This was taken with my Tamron 11-18mm lense which is great for landscapes, and I set it as wide as I could at 11mm.

I hand held the shot, being on a boat with a chugging engine I thought that resting the camera on the side of the boat might have introduced further vibration so I just held the camera with both hands braced against the cabin of the boat. As the shutter speed was nice and fast, this wasn’t going to be a problem.

So I got the shot, and a few others from different angles, zooms and compositions, and was pleased with the result. I have cropped it and tweaked the colours a little using Adobe Lightroom, but I really didn’t do a great deal on the computer.

I am going back this year, with a different camera this time, so we’ll see what sort of shots I can get this time. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “How I got the shot #3

  1. Unfortunately photography is not my full time profession. I build web sites during the day and am a photography ninja in what spare time I get.

  2. Thank you. THANK YOU! I’m a hugely beginner shutterbug and obviously not very smart. I’ve been trying to learn some tips and tricks for taking great photos but so many of the “photography for dummies” type books are still too difficult for me to understand. Your articles here have finally helped me learn. I can’t thank you enough for your writing style and the time you’ve taken to post your stuff. Bless you, and I hope you have a great day!

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